You can't have it all, but you can have all that matters

I have always thought the idea that women can't have it all is ridiculous. Who has it all? What does that even mean. My amazingly talented friend Bonnie Wan uses that phrase - You can't have it all, but you can have all that matters.

And she has a great way of thinking about how to figure out what matters to you. Called the Life Brief. This is a workbook and methodology to figure out what is important to you and how to be intentional about manifesting that in your life, career, relationships.

I’m inspired by her story, her openness to change and share that change with the world. In my work teaching negotiation techniques, I share a similar philosophy - negotiate what matters. I think of the Life Brief as a very important first step to figure out what matters, and then negotiating (with your boss, yourself, your life partners) to make those things happen for yourself.

She is taking The Life Brief on the road - first stop - Portland, Oregon in June 2019. If you are thinking about your life’s purpose, your goals, your mission (and who isn’t?) - this is a workshop you should not miss.

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